Sally’s Solo Holiday: Firsts The Series


People who can see my crazy unsettle me. So just relax and accept the crazy… Happy Holidays! Guest Post by series creator Courtney Rackley. Originally published on Firsts where you can find all the hilarious Firsts videos and follow them on Twitter.

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First Sick Day – Firsts The Series


A nasty virus can really make you feel awful, and at first glance, it’s a real bummer for a new relationship that’s full of energy and passion.  But it’s also a great way to strip away the veneer of primping and presentation and get down to the vulnerable person who is eventually going to come […]

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First Double Date – Firsts the Series


After starring in a digital short I wrote and produced for MTV and Funny or Die, “The Spirit of 4/20,” actress and producer Courtney Rackley invited me to write an episode for her hilarious and innovative new web series, FIRSTS.  The result is FIRST DOUBLE DATE.  Guest starring Andrea Gabriel (“Lost,” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – […]

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Running Into The Ex – Firsts The Series


My actress and producer friend, Courtney Rackley, asked me to write for her series Firsts, about the adventures of Sally and Chuck as they progress through the various first times in their relationship. I wrote First Running Into The Ex, loosely based on my own real life experience, in which a date of mine had […]

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First F*CK – Firsts the Series


First Fuck is about, in the larger, ‘PR’ based realm, what we women go through when we realize it’s time for the first intercourse act in a new relationship.  And in a lot of first sex instances, especially if a couple is ‘taking it slow’,  one of the partners (in many cases, it’s the dude) […]

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Why The SCANDALous “Olitz” Needs to End


Scandal is returning for its fourth season this week and we Gladiators can’t wait for more sex scandals with a side of politics. Last season ended with yet another obstacle derailing the romantic saga of Olivia Pope and President Fitz (or “Olitz” to put it in “Brangelina” terminology). You know, their childish dream of living happily ever after in Vermont […]

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What are those hashtags all over the social medias?


If you use Twitter, you may have noticed trending hashtags on weeknights, such as #RuinAKidsMovie or #BadPageantTalents. Have you ever wondered what those are and why they’re there but been too scared to click and find out?! Well, that’s what we’re here for. Comedy Central has a sort of game show called @midnight. Watch host Chris […]

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American Horror Story “Freak Show” Update: Three Legged Women, Split Tongues, & Patti LaBelle


Ryan Murphy and American Horror Story continues to relentlessly tease us, slowly revealing tantalizing hints as we move closer the October release date. With a new trending hashtag  #WirSindAlleFreak (German for “we are all freaks”), four teaser trailers, and an official character poster, the AHS fandom has been buzzing all over the internet and freaking […]

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