How to Get The Best Sleep of Your Life


Sleep: one of life’s many mysteries. So close, yet often just out of reach. If you are a student, career man or woman, parent, or over eighteen, you know sleep can seem like Halley’s comet; rare but amazing when it comes. So, if you’re not getting good rest or any at all, check out the […]

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Tips On Helping Loved Ones With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

50 Shades

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder that is sweeping up Gen-Y dramatically, and has become one of the many personality disorders that affect millennials and others in today’s society. According to the DSM-5 Criteria for personality disorders, symptoms for NPD include: Excess self-importance The individual will have fantasies of unlimited power, ideal love, brilliance, power, and beauty […]

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Let’s Talk About Mental Illness


After majoring in neuroscience and biology, my career goals are currently set on becoming a neurologist. Of course, I am amenable to change, but the multifaceted, complicated, practically inexplicable human brain will never cease to amaze me. It could take one hormone, one rewired nerve, one second to create a problem with unforeseen complexity. Upon graduating from college, I accepted […]

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Project UROK Founder Jenny Jaffe Tells All


It can be really difficult to deal with mental health issues at any age, but especially as a teenager, when you already feel like your life is upside down, it’s crucial to have a support system that will really listen and understand what you’re going through. You need a community that will help you cope and remain […]

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Let Your Children Be Raised By Wolves


Now that the #SuperBowl is over, we can get back to thinking about the most important thing in our lives – our children. Think about it. All throughout the night, the Superbowl sponsors were bombarding viewers with reminders of the power of Human Connection (Mcdonalds, Coke), the harm of simple words (Always), how proud we want to be […]

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‘Cheat Day’ from Paleo with Jason Ryan


I have always had a fairly unhealthy, and at times, downright toxic relationship with food. I’ve shoveled anything processed, sugar-filled or glorified salt lick into my face with reckless abandon. This has always been a constant in my life, almost from the very beginning as, according to my baby book, some of my favorite foods […]

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4 Ways To Revolutionize Your Shower


Yes, you heard me. I have ways to help you heighten your shower experience. Unfortunately there’s no way getting past the worst part: actually pausing Netflix, dragging yourself out of bed, and getting under that stream of not yet perfect temperature water. But here are a few ways to get that “ahh” sensation. Wash your face in […]

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