Broken Hearts and Ropy Scars: My Journey To Forgiveness


It is rarely upon my first time meeting someone, but after a few meetings, especially during the summer, people tend to notice and ask about the fairly significant scar that runs across the top of my ankle onto the top of my foot. It’s this beast of a thing that used to be fairly embarrassing. […]

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Gentrification Only Benefits White People: New York, New Orleans and Memphis


A recent survey by Louisiana State University measured Louisiana residents’ views of the post-Hurricane Katrina recovery, ten years after the disaster. Overwhelmingly, white people thought the city was on the road to recovery, while minorities disagreed. According to the report, four out of five white New Orleans residents reported they were happy with the recovery progress […]

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Happily Employed? Keep Looking For A Job


You love your current job and have no plans to leave your cushioned existence of stability. Why would you consider or even care to see what else could be out there? Isn’t that akin to a significant other keeping one foot out of the relationship and swiping right on Tinder every night? Flirting with the possibility of […]

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Confessions of a Former Victim of Bullying


Bullying has become a hot topic in recent years: there are school assemblies about it, workshops for parents and teachers, celebrities heading campaigns to end bullying, and an ever-increasing number of Lifetime movies that play into that particular topic—from the “true life” stories to the “based on a book” plots. Indeed, it is a prevalent […]

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How My Little Brother Outshined Me


There is nothing quite like growing up to be overshadowed by a younger sibling. For all of you older siblings out there, remember the days when your younger brother or sister looked up to you and thought you were a superhero? Remember when you could still easily pin them down and smash them in tickle […]

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Guide on Difficult Conversations for Those Who Abhor Confrontation


The awkwardness of initiating a potentially uncomfortable conversation can be really…well… uncomfortable. However, it’s important for you to put your tough pants on and have these conversations. In the past, I avoided having these talks, hoping that the situation would resolve itself. Everything was fine! Until it wasn’t. Avoiding these talks can let a situation fester […]

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A Practical Approach to Feminism


I have a confession to make: I really enjoy watching awards shows. Not all of them, and I certainly don’t plan my week around them. But if I’m home and don’t have anything pressing to do, I will curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate or something and settle in for […]

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Defining Love In Gen-Y


According to Merriam Webster, the term “love” is defined by “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” or “a score in tennis.” However, I highly doubt our generation would say a definition like that if asked to define love. We are blinded by so much lust, self-absorption, and greed that when we asked […]

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2 Guys Share Their Views on The Dating Scene


Gen-Y is the talk of the town. We have surpassed our own good and built an empire of technology to make our every day lives less complicated than the generation before us. We have mastered technology, but we want more than that, we want our own empire. However, while some may agree, there are others who […]

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