298 Dead And It’s Still About Politics?


Poor Malaysian Airlines. First, a disappearing act. Now, an act of terror by Ukraine? Or Russia?  Who knows? It’s hard to trust anything coming out of their mouths. The Donetsk region in Ukraine has been in the news for months now as the heart of the Ukrainian conflict. The Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down, killing […]

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Jews Attacked By Parisian Anti-Semites


I just saw some breaking news and figured I would share with you all. Apparently, Hamas followers in Paris closed in on Jews at a synagogue, throwing rocks and shouting horrifyingly anti-Semitic phrases. Now, I’m not naive, I know anti-Semitism exists and has been an ongoing problem in France. However, having just been in Paris’s […]

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One Land, Two Peoples


I don’t like to get involved in political arguments in everyday life because let’s be honest, it normally leads to conflict and often gets personal. One of the most touchy subjects in the news right now is the Israel-Palestine conflict. I mean, it’s really unspeakable how much violence and death they experience every day. It all started with […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Young and Committed

young and committed

Alright, alright, calm down. I’m not talking about prison, though that might be how some of you view long term relationships. You know the sayings: ball and chain, the “whipped” significant other, the old (extinguished) flame. For some reason, people seem to think being in a relationship in your early 20’s should be taboo. In […]

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