Clubbing Done Right: What to Wear, Bring, and Eat

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Night club, dance hall, discothèque, rave, whatever your preference, getting lost in a crowd and dancing to great music can be an incredibly liberating and fun experience! However, if you’re going to throw caution to the wind and let loose, a little planning still needs to be involved. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned clubber, take a look at this short guide for suggestions on how to optimize your clubbing experience.

What to Wear

What do you wear? Whether it’s just dinner or dancing, choice of wardrobe is one of the main concerns before going out. There is so much to be said about what to wear to a club, but for the men and women who have come to dance and have fun, simple utilitarian attire is suggested. Of course, we all want to look sexy and/or handsome, but that can be achieved without resorting to the typical costume of tight short mini dresses and deep V-necks. Practical garments can be accessorized and quite attractive, so don’t be afraid to dress down a bit; you will be grateful when walking back home at three in the morning. Practical outfits may include: shorts with a sleeveless or short sleeve top, light cargos with a tank top or t-shirt, and loose flowy skirts or party dresses. The cargos are perfect for hand- free dancing because of the multiple pockets. Also, you want to be prepared for the chance that the club may not have a coat check, so dress lightly but warm enough to be OK without a jacket.

What to Bring

What to bring to a club may be an odd consideration, but it is a completely valid thing to consider. You want to be prepared to leave everything behind and focus on dancing away any stresses; you don’t want to be clutching your phone for dear life while dancing. Leave your purse, coat, and any non-essentials in the trunk of the car. If the weather is a bit nippy, it can be hard to leave your coat in the car, but leaving the warm club to the cool air will feel amazing.

Though most clubs have a coat check that charges a few dollars per item, if you bring your purse, jacket, scarf, etc. that can add up. Ideally, you want to avoid the coat check, so dress accordingly and swap out a clutch for a compact wallet, cigarette case wallet, money clip or all in one wallet with an added compartment for your phone. For the ladies, you may want to bring a compact wallet with a mirror; you do not want to go home only to find your eye makeup has melted into the corners of your eyes.

Hair ties are always handy to have around to keep hair off your neck and back as well. ChapStick or lip balm, in addition to any small cosmetic items, are also great for touch ups. You want to bring as few items as possible and make sure they can securely fit in your back pocket. I’ve made the mistake of bringing my purse out with me to a club without a coat check and felt completely constrained by the long strap the entire night; the fewer and smaller the items, the better.

What to Eat

What to eat before and after are equally important. Of course, you have to get dinner with friends before your night out, so when you do, make sure to eat light foods that will support long lasting energy and stamina. Nothing heavy with carbs or red meat like cheeseburgers, pizza, super burritos etc. I have learned the hard way that as delicious as Ethiopian food is, it should only be consumed in small amounts and at least four hours before clubbing. Be conscientious of what you eat before dancing to avoid stomachaches, heart burn and dehydration.

After your night out, there is always the standard diner, which is always good and definitely serves its purpose. However, good local cuisine that’s open late is great to indulge in; there’s nothing like a burrito or fish taco after a long night of dancing. After burning so many calories, you’ll want something flavorful and filling. I’m always starving after clubbing, so it’s always nice to have a go-to taqueria or fast food joint. Hydrating after dancing is very important as well, so make sure to grab a Gatorade or large bottle of water to drink before bed to avoid dehydration headaches in the morning. It’s especially highly suggested if you’ve been drinking.

Clubbing for the first time can be incredibly exciting, intimidating, and anxiety-inducing all at the same time. However, these suggestions for the amateur clubber should relieve some stress and eliminate some of the mystery behind night club experiences. The important thing to remember is that you are out with friends to have fun, listen to good music and forget your stresses or worries of the week. Everything else will fall into place, and you will find what works for you and your squad!