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Why You Should Date A Musician

3..2..1, and begin the one minute guitar solo. A guy is holding a custom fender while he sings about his last break up or something else related to his personal life. Out of the guys I’ve dated, musicians are by far my ultimate Kryptonite. I have attempted to stay away from them as a New Year’s resolution, but sadly, just as everyone’s failed weight loss resolution, mine only lasted a few months. I found myself back in a hold at another gig. Why are musicians so great?

They Are Creative

It takes a lot of creativity and patience to be able to create music. They have the ability to get in tune with their emotions and experiences to create something that could end up on the Billboard Top 100. When you date them, you’ll see a lot of creativity coming through their general personalities as well. So, if you’re a creative person, they will definitely understand you and the process of creation. Hey, they may be able to help you out or a write a song about you. However, cherish the time they spend creating that song for you, they did it for a reason.

They Are Passionate
I think this is what’s most attractive – the crazy amount of passion they have for their music. They don’t like what they do, they love it. It’s the feeling of passion that drives them into that creativity, and their passion for music is indicative of their passion for you. I can imagine how I feel when I write is just the same for them when they play. It something inexplicable and beautiful.

They Are Spontaneous

They live day by day, cherishing each day that comes along and living in the moment. You want a random road trip? They are totally up for it. Instead of a boring guy who says no at every spontaneous thing you want to do, they are the opposite. They will appreciate your wild side, because they are just the same.

They Are Deep
I found this to be the case in many musicians I’ve dated, and it’s by far one of my favorite qualities about them. Everything holds a deeper meaning for them; there’s never an ‘it is what it is’ attitude. The appreciation for any little thing goes deeper than surface level. They will show appreciation for all the little things you do as a person when dating them. They will connect to you by your outer and inner beauty and will remind you of it all. Maybe with a song.

Add “I’m with the band” to your bucket list. Having a guy strum his guitar or sing in my ear made me weak in the knees every single time, and watching them on stage provides an intimate connection to a person. Now, I know there are some stereotypes about musicians being drunks, womanizers, or drug addicts. But that’s not always the case. Some are actually the best kind to date, and even the best kind to love.