5 Movies Or Shows That Perfectly Complement A Cup of Tea


Serious tea drinkers find opportunities to drink tea as often as possible. For all the tea lovers out there, check out this list of T.V. shows and films that either make you wish you were drinking tea with the on-screen charactters or provides a lovely, warm environment that demands a cup be drunk while watching. There’s nothing like sitting down in front of the TV and/or computer with a  proper cup of tea. Whether it’s Earl Gray or Darjeeling, grab a cup and curl up with the following entertainment:

1. Enchanted April

Enchanted April is truly an enchanting film that creates a warm, light environment for the audience which can be accented by a warm, light floral brew. The first half is set in rainy 1920’s post-WWI London, a city void of light and color. That changes when the two main characters travel to Italy to spend the month of April at a beautiful historic castle. Their trip is full of reflection and inner revelations; the change in scenery is symbolic of the inner changes the characters experience. The joy of rekindled love, new unexpected friendships and reawakened hunger for life demand a warm cup of tea or three.

2. Poldark

All I need is a shot of Ross standing on the edge of a cliff, looking out onto the sea or riding across a lush rolling hill broodingly, and I’m off to turn on the kettle. Any Poldark fan and tea lover knows a cup of warm white rose or lemon hibiscus compliments any scene of Demelza ghosting through fields of corn flowers. A good steaming cup is much needed during one of the many heated arguments Ross is so easily baited into. Let’s not forget his ever-clever pontifications, always ending with stunning one-liners.

3. The Great British Bake Off

A few scones may be necessary with your tea when watching The Great British Bake Off. A nice cup of Jasmine Lavender or Oolong is in order while puffed pastry after puffed pastry and rich shortbread biscuits fill your screen. And if the lovely English garden setting doesn’t make you want a “cuppa,” then the routine short tea break the contestants always seem to make time for certainly will!

4. Call The Midwife

Someone is forever making a pot of tea in this simultaneously heartwarming and educational BBC show. Whether it’s one of the soon-to-be mothers offering a cup to the midwives or the nuns of Nonnatus sitting down for their afternoon tea, it is ever present. Tea is offered, spoken of, and featured so often, it seems odd not to partake along with the characters. A soothing mug of chamomile is suggested when watching, as Call The Midwife is as exciting as it is stressful. The constant brush with death and often times full contact is best experienced with a calming herbal draft.

5. Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

The endearing friendship of Mrs. Palfrey and Ludovic is one built on long walks, the exchange of priceless wisdom and the joy of finding family outside of blood relations. This film must be watched while drinking something hot; the sweet bond young Ludovic and Mrs. Palfrey share will have you feeling hopeful for humanity and more importantly, warm and fuzzy. Make sure to grab a cup of English Tea to sip while the pair is enjoying their own cups.