I’d Think To That: Democratic Debate Recap

There was a debate I'd Think To That

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Wait, sorry, what? I just read the title of this post. There was a debate? A Democratic debate? Are you sure? Because I saw like fifty ads for the Republican debate last Tuesday, but I don’t think I even saw a single promoted tweet about last Saturday night’s debate.

And you’re all positive this wasn’t some SNL sketch, right? Like, there was a real debate?

OK, if you say so. I’ll just go ahead and assume that O’Malley is now the front runner and he announced, right on the spot, that Chafee will be running with him as vice president.

Huh, seems like I still have a lot of post to fill, so I guess I’ll just talk about what I watched because I didn’t know the debate was on. The Americans! On season two right now. It’s interesting how they manage to incorporate actual events into the plot pretty smoothly. I suppose if you wanted to be nitpicky, you could point out that it stretches credibility a bit that Phillip and Elizabeth seem to be tied into every significant event in Cold War history as though they were Soviet Forrest Gumps. But really, that’s like complaining that few people believe Jessica Jones when she says that mind control exists even though they’ve already witnessed Norse Gods and aliens and Hulk. Sure, you could complain, but it’s obvious that it’s necessary for the story to work.

Also, did I mention I watched Jessica Jones? Good stuff!

Anyway, one weird thing I did notice on a recent Americans episode is that Oliver North got a story credit. It concerned Iran-Contra stuff, so that makes sense, but isn’t there supposed to be some sort of rule against profiting off your crimes? I guess what I’m asking is, if any Hollywood bigshots are reading this, how much treason do I have to commit to get a story credit on a well-regarded drama? Is it a lot of treason? Because I’d really rather not commit a lot of treason.

Well, this debate recap is almost done, so to fill the rest of the space, I’ll just ask a few questions:

  • What did you think of the debate?
  • What do you think of the first half of season two of The Americans?
  • Have you watched Jessica Jones yet?

Feel free to answer those questions on Twitter! My handle is @andrewtavin. Be sure to ignore the tweet that undermines the entire premise of this article.