Kyoto Sushi – Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY


2 Lizards.

                             Pictured: Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy White Tuna Roll, Rainbow Delight Rollimage

Before I begin, I should point out that I’m kind of a sushi snob. That being said, I can recognize when what I think is mediocre sushi is considered amazing for someone who doesn’t eat as much sushi as I do.

Last night was a lazy, order delivery kind of night. My boyfriend and I ordered from here after seeing the positive Yelp reviews because usually Yelp is pretty trustworthy. In a city with as many restaurants as New York, it’s nearly impossible to choose a good one blindly. The delivery from Kyoto was pretty quick – it took about 35 minutes. Sadly, that was probably the only good part of the order.

As soon as I opened the delivery bag, I did not have high hopes for the sushi. Instead of fresh chunks of fish in and on top of the sushi, it was the mushy food-processed crap they serve when they want to cheap out on you. Many of the all-you-can-eat restaurants and grocery store pre-made sushi do the same thing. It’s probably about a 3:97 fish to I don’t even want to know what ratio.

The taste was similar to the look of it. The spicy tuna roll was particularly dreadful – it tasted like fish smells. That’s an indicator of old fish. Fresh tuna does not have an odor. The spicy salmon and spicy white tuna were slightly better in that they didn’t have a smell. The rainbow roll was mostly tobiko – I couldn’t even tell what fish was in this “special roll”. All in all, not good sushi. At all.

The vegetable udon was decent, but again, nothing special. The broth was watery and pretty flavorless. The noodles and vegetables were fine, but that would be pretty difficult to ruin.

I only gave the place 2 stars because the udon was okay, the delivery was fast, and I haven’t vommed yet, so no food poisoning! Yay! What high standards!

Overall: Do not recommend this restaurant, if that seemed unclear. The quality is bleeeeeeeech and the prices ARE NOT THAT CHEAP. Boooo, hiiiiss, you get it.