La Goulette – N. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


LaGouletteWith my first review post comes my rating system: Lizards! Yes, it’s based on my name.

On a scale of 1-5, one Lizard is a cringe-worthy place and five Lizards could be Michelin-rated (if I was a Michelin rater). Everything in between is in between. You know how numbers work!

La Goulette was a solid 4 Lizards.

Pictured: Chicken Shawarma, Tunisian Hand Cut Fries, Tunisian Merguez.

Firstly, the owners are Tunisian, which puts a unique spin on the classic Mediterranean foods. Both sandwiches had classic hummus and fresh, crunchy vegetables in a warm pita. The chicken shawarma was good, but not as impressive as some other shawarmas I’ve tried (and NYC has a lot of options).

The Tunisian Merguez was absolutely delicious. It comes with large chunks of beautifully seasoned lamb sausage with a nice semi-spicy sauce on top. This is the same sauce they served as the dip for the hand-cut fries, which resemble Rosemary Parmesan fries. The fries themselves were very nicely done – not too greasy, just enough potato flavor and texture without being too mushy.

As for ambiance, the place has a very homey, casual feel. The tables are clean and inviting, Middle Eastern music plays at a reasonable volume, and there are photos and mementos of the city for which the restaurant is named. All of the people working there were warm, efficient, and genuinely wanted to know if I enjoyed my meal.

The restaurant is full of heart and culture, and if you like Mediterranean food, I highly recommend you give it a try. I know I’ll be back!