One Land, Two Peoples


I don’t like to get involved in political arguments in everyday life because let’s be honest, it normally leads to conflict and often gets personal. One of the most touchy subjects in the news right now is the Israel-Palestine conflict. I mean, it’s really unspeakable how much violence and death they experience every day. It all started with […]

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Hot Doug’s – Avondale, Chicago, IL

2014-07-10 20.04.07

Before getting into my review, let me begin with some tragic news. Doug Sohn, the proud and fearless owner of Hot Doug’s, will be closing the restaurant’s doors permanently in October. That means you need to get up and stuff your face with hot dogs before it goes. Chicago is known for its dogs: a […]

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The Leftovers: Second Impressions


The Leftovers is one of those shows with plenty of built in responses for people who don’t like it: “You want more answers? Well it’s not ABOUT the answers, it’s about the questions.” “You don’t like the characters? Well, that’s the point. Wouldn’t everyone become unlikable after a mysterious tragedy that took away 2 percent of […]

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The Bristol – Bucktown, Chicago, IL


Brunchatize me, Cap’n! If you’ve ever been to or heard of Chicago, you know this city LOVES its brunch. If it’s Saturday, it’s preparation for a long night of shenanigans ahead. If it’s Sunday, it’s recuperation from Saturday night. Either way, some delicious breakfast at noon goes a long way. The Bristol needs no introduction; […]

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Adam Richman’s Social Media Outburst


For those of you that haven’t heard, Adam Richman, the star of Travel Channel’s Man V. Food, recently had a pretty explosive outburst  on Instagram. He posted a photograph of himself, looking much more fit since ending Man V. Food and beginning his healthy lifestyle. As you can see, the caption reads “Had ordered this […]

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4 Ways To Revolutionize Your Shower


Yes, you heard me. I have ways to help you heighten your shower experience. Unfortunately there’s no way getting past the worst part: actually pausing Netflix, dragging yourself out of bed, and getting under that stream of not yet perfect temperature water. But here are a few ways to get that “ahh” sensation. Wash your face in […]

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Young and Committed

young and committed

Alright, alright, calm down. I’m not talking about prison, though that might be how some of you view long term relationships. You know the sayings: ball and chain, the “whipped” significant other, the old (extinguished) flame. For some reason, people seem to think being in a relationship in your early 20’s should be taboo. In […]

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Plachutta – Vienna, Austria


4.5 Lizards. Pictured: Filet Tips in a Chanterelle Cream Sauce, Two Types of Tafelspitz, Cranberry Kombucha. Plachutta is famous for their Tafelspitz, or boiled beef (I know it may sound gross but I promise, it’s really very good). They also put emphasis on their use of Chanterelle mushrooms. It’s definitely a new and unique dining […]

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Le Tastevin – Ile de St. Louis, Paris, France


5 Lizards!! Pictured: Escargots in butter and garlic sauce, 2013 Beaujolais, veal in mushroom sauce, flank steak in mustard sauce Yes, my first official 5 Lizard rating. I heard stories of the fantastic food in France and all of the food I had eaten up until this point was fantastic. But no one told me there were restaurants […]

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Kafein – Evanston, IL


Kafein is a great little coffee shop I’ve been coming to since high school. It has a hipster ambiance, with velvet curtains, old vintage books along the walls, and 1970’s Trivial Pursuit cards on every table. They have tables, wooden benches, and couches to choose from for seating. It’s a really great place to hang […]

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