Pain Vin Fromages – Marais, Paris, France


Surprise! I’m in Paris!

 4.5 Lizards.

imagePictured: Goat cheese and camembert fondue, raclette, potatoes and magical cheese-melting machine

Ahh, the family and I are in Paris. The land of delicious food. Firstly, this is a small, family-owned restaurant with two nice brothers as owners. We did not come across any stereotypical French “attitude” toward Americans. We try to dabble in French some, which I think they appreciate.

I’d recommend making a reservation as it is a small place, tucked away on an unlabeled side street near the Pompidou Centre. It’s so so cute!

This place has a great vibe. We were seated downstairs in a little stone alcove that looked like a cave. It was intimate and fun. The only downside is it’s incredibly hot in there. There’s no air coming in plus the fondue pots are creating even more heat.

Other than that, everything we ate was absolutely delicious. The goat cheese and Camembert fondue was delicious – we were dipping pieces of bread and potato into there, then placing a small piece of the meat on top. I’m not a huge fan of the stinky/strong cheeses, but I gave this fondue a shot, and it was more than a cheese-lover could even dream up. It was creamy and melty with chunks of cheese in it, and not too strong. Perfect. For the meats, we had salami, prosciutto, ham, and some sort of beef. All of them were fresh and thinly sliced. Just perfect. Even when you feel full, it’s so good, you just have to keep eating.

As it is Paris, no one is hurrying. It’s normal for people to spend a couple of hours eating and drinking. Once your food is brought to you, they leave you alone unless you flag them down. If you want your check, you have to ask for it. It’s a nice change of pace from America. It’s not “bad service” like some Americans may think – it’s just a different culture. I personally love it.

Overall, this place is heaven for people who love cheese.