Pies-n-Thighs – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY


4.5 Lizards (!!) image

Pictured: Fried Chicken Box with Mac & Cheese and a slice of Lemon Chess Pie.

Well, I was all by my lonesome for dinner tonight. The super funny comedian boyfriend was hosting an open mic, and my good ole stomach started a-rumblin’. I was in the mood for some stellar comfort food, and you can ALWAYS trust DDD to recommend good eats.

The restaurant itself isn’t fantastically decorated and it has no air conditioning, which is pretty terrible when it’s hot out. However, they have a really nice, slightly hidden seating area in the back with a large open window. The service is decent – the waiters were pretty quick about coming to take my order and my plate when I was finished. I didn’t like that they wouldn’t refill my empty cup of water until I asked them to, though they clearly saw it was empty.

Let’s get to the good stuff though… the food.

The chicken box came with three pieces of fried chicken, a biscuit, and a side (I chose Mac & Cheese). Let’s start with the star of the plate, the chicken. The chicken has a nice coating fried onto it without being overwhelmingly fried. There is good, juicy, soft chicken underneath that is really delicious. The biscuit was buttery and flaky and really yummy as well. Last but certainly not least, the Mac & Cheese was to die for. They put a little bit of hot sauce on top, and the cheese is creamy and doesn’t taste artificial like many cheese sauces do. I highly recommend it.

Considering the name of the restaurant, I figured I had to get a slice of pie, or it would just be blasphemy. I got the Lemon Chess, which has a nice rhubarb jam and a dollop of whipped cream on top. The slice itself didn’t have a great presentation. The whipped cream looked sloppy, but tastewise, it was a good slice of pie. The rhubarb and lemon kept it from being too sweet. The crust could have been a little softer and flakier in my opinion – it seemed a little tough.

Overall, amazing food. Next time I go, I’ll try the chicken biscuit because the people next to me couldn’t stop ranting and raving about it. Honestly, the taste of the food greatly outweighs any of the negative aspects of atmosphere and service. I love, love, loved it here. Great spot for comfort food.