4 Ways To Revolutionize Your Shower


Yes, you heard me. I have ways to help you heighten your shower experience. Unfortunately there’s no way getting past the worst part: actually pausing Netflix, dragging yourself out of bed, and getting under that stream of not yet perfect temperature water. But here are a few ways to get that “ahh” sensation.

Wash your face in the actual shower instead of before/after.

After you’ve been in the steamy shower for a few minutes, your pores will open up emotionally and say, “Ok, I’m ready to get rid of my deepest, darkest secrets”. Keep your favorite face wash in the shower and massage it on right then and there. It’s so much more convenient than the annoyance of trying to rinse your face in the sink and playing the “catch the water dripping down your neck with a towel” game.

Soap up with a loofah and lovely scent.

A loofah lathered up with your favorite body wash makes you feel clean and relaxed. The loofah exfoliates and softens your skin, and the smell leaves a nice bonus. You can leave your shower fresh and confident in your new skin. That squeaky clean feeling is just as much mental as it is physical.

Use a comb to spread conditioner evenly through your hair.

This is the trick to a smooth, silky mane of hair. It doesn’t matter what conditioner you’re using (though I do have recommendations!). You have to massage the conditioner into your hair, from the root to the ends, then use a comb that matches your hair’s texture and thickness to make sure that conditioner gets through every layer of hair. Sometimes our hands just can’t finish the deed for that ‘Middle Earth’ area of head hair.

Run conditioned hair under cold water.

I like to leave my combed, conditioned hair alone for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out the conditioner. Wash it out as you do normally, but then do a final rinse with cold water. You’ll feel a noticeable difference. Your hair will be sleeker and shinier because the lower temperature helps better seal in the conditioner.

 Have any other tips or ways to make a shower better? Share them!