6 Tips On Becoming A Successful Writer


I started my writing career after “knocking on the doors” of about 40 different newspapers, including countless phone calls, emails and in-person visits. I got hired as a full-time reporter with no publications to my name and only a few months of experience doing editorial and advertising grunt work at a small print publication. Why did I get […]

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Reading “The Last Days of Video”


When I saw this book at my local library, I immediately knew I was going to love it. The VHS tape cover art combined with the title’s reference to the seminal film “The Last Days of Disco” kicked my nostalgia senses into overdrive. This book grabbed me and said to me over and over “Be Kind […]

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5 Principles to Remind Yourself in the Face of Adversity


It was October when author Lee Woodruff was kind enough to share her story as she passed through Dallas. She wanted to extend her knowledge and experiences following the tragedy that took place on a horrific day in January 2006. Her husband, Bob Woodruff, was out on the field as a TV journalist in Iraq to report on the war. […]

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