How to Get The Best Sleep of Your Life


Sleep: one of life’s many mysteries. So close, yet often just out of reach. If you are a student, career man or woman, parent, or over eighteen, you know sleep can seem like Halley’s comet; rare but amazing when it comes. So, if you’re not getting good rest or any at all, check out the […]

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Clubbing Done Right: What to Wear, Bring, and Eat

1024px-Nightclub-in-neon-108681294533967qk7 (1)

Night club, dance hall, discothèque, rave, whatever your preference, getting lost in a crowd and dancing to great music can be an incredibly liberating and fun experience! However, if you’re going to throw caution to the wind and let loose, a little planning still needs to be involved. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned […]

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Three Must-See TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


Since 1984, speakers around the world have celebrated TED talks, presentations that once focused on innovative design and technology but now cover hundreds of topics. The wonderful thing about TED talks is that they are conversational and relatable, so you find yourself yearning to hear more. These talks are inspirational, motivational, informational and educational. Quite frankly, they will fire […]

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Box: Take Back The Stereotypes


Stereotype: “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” – Merriam-Webster Human beings like patterns. We like it when we can predict behavior, and we love it when things fit into neat little boxes in our heads. It’s something most of us share. It makes the […]

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I’d Think To That: Starbucks Starts A Dialogue on Race

Starbucks I'd Think To That Final

The Internet is filled with think pieces from the left and think pieces from the right. Every week, I’ll be offering my unique perspective on the issues of our time. Spoiler alert: I’m correct. You may have noticed that America still has a long way to go when it comes to racial relations. Or, should […]

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Hot Doug’s – Avondale, Chicago, IL

2014-07-10 20.04.07

Before getting into my review, let me begin with some tragic news. Doug Sohn, the proud and fearless owner of Hot Doug’s, will be closing the restaurant’s doors permanently in October. That means you need to get up and stuff your face with hot dogs before it goes. Chicago is known for its dogs: a […]

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4 Ways To Revolutionize Your Shower


Yes, you heard me. I have ways to help you heighten your shower experience. Unfortunately there’s no way getting past the worst part: actually pausing Netflix, dragging yourself out of bed, and getting under that stream of not yet perfect temperature water. But here are a few ways to get that “ahh” sensation. Wash your face in […]

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