Literature As A Lost Art


I have hundreds of wonderful memories revolving around my family or connected to my family in some way. I was blessed with a safe and happy childhood, a luxury that many are not afforded. Honestly, it’s difficult to choose a specific memory that I could call my favorite, simply because there are so many. If […]

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Confessions of a Former Victim of Bullying


Bullying has become a hot topic in recent years: there are school assemblies about it, workshops for parents and teachers, celebrities heading campaigns to end bullying, and an ever-increasing number of Lifetime movies that play into that particular topic—from the “true life” stories to the “based on a book” plots. Indeed, it is a prevalent […]

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5 Principles to Remind Yourself in the Face of Adversity


It was October when author Lee Woodruff was kind enough to share her story as she passed through Dallas. She wanted to extend her knowledge and experiences following the tragedy that took place on a horrific day in January 2006. Her husband, Bob Woodruff, was out on the field as a TV journalist in Iraq to report on the war. […]

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Are YOU using your Whole New Mind?


It’s been almost a decade since the publication of Dan Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future. And for almost a decade, it stands as a hidden gem. In his eye-opening book, the reality of the “Future” Pink spoke of in his writing validated his arguments years after it was written. There is […]

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