Three Must-See TED Talks That Will Blow Your Mind


Since 1984, speakers around the world have celebrated TED talks, presentations that once focused on innovative design and technology but now cover hundreds of topics. The wonderful thing about TED talks is that they are conversational and relatable, so you find yourself yearning to hear more. These talks are inspirational, motivational, informational and educational. Quite frankly, they will fire […]

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But I Think…


A constant in US history has been this idea of freedom of speech. As long as it has existed, there has been a question of how far this goes. In high school government classes, a question is often posed: “Does that mean you can say whatever you want?” In a high school classroom, you will […]

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5 Essential Ways to Get Your Life Back On Track


When we create our giant reach-for-the-stars, skyscraper goals, they excite us. We’re feverish with motivation and feel unstoppable. But then life happens. Work keeps us constantly busy, important life events take place, friends get married (bridesmaid duties are no joke!)… you’re just trying to figure out the churn of everyday life. The toll of trying to […]

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