The DNC Code

the DNC code

It almost feels sarcastic to say “Democratic Party” aloud these days, or even typing it out as I did just now. The Democratic National Committee in current incarnation is hardly democratic at all. From super-delegates to allegations of voter fraud to a pyramid scheme fundraising that ultimately only funnels local money to Hillary Clinton, the […]

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DNC’s Just Not That Into You


Bernie’s not a “real Democrat,” says Hillary supporting social media users. Many voters who registered as Democrats within the last year in closed primary states have been forced to use often-uncounted provisional ballots. Party representatives encouraged Ohio voters to vote Republican. Party representatives told Colorado caucus goers they had to rally behind Hillary if they […]

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The Revolution Hasn’t Been Publicized


There is a battle waging for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party between corporate foot soldiers that keep the party funded and the progressive idealists who provide policy ideas based on the needs of the average American citizen. Kindled by the rise of Elizabeth Warren, then turned wildfire by Bernie Sanders and his […]

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