Rejected After a Job Interview? Say Thanks!


Reading another rejection e-mail (especially the generic ones) can be frustrating and downright disheartening, or even worse, not receiving a response at all after putting so much effort into an application. Here’s something I’ve learned after receiving several no’s from companies I interviewed with: The interview process doesn’t necessarily end after you’re turned down for a […]

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Adulting: 3 Ways to Overcome Failure


Going after your dreams can be really scary with the possibility of failure looming in the distance. The path to get there can be tricky and difficult but knowing that failure is an intrinsic and normal part of your journey towards your personal success. It’s not a cosmic sign that you’re an epic fail, and […]

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Adulting: Changing the Dialogue About Success


The Era of Taytay is here. Country’s dearly departed sweetheart Taylor Swift’s crossover to pop is an uber success; she has taken over the internet as the queen of memes, is breaking records and winning over the hearts of America (including mine). Swift is seriously at the top of her game. And she is only […]

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How Failure Can Help You Succeed


I face “failure” every day as a writer. In the past, If I hadn’t written anything of quality for a long period of time, I felt like an impostor and questioned my right to call myself a writer. It got to the point where I sometimes avoided writing altogether because I created this self-induced pressure that every draft […]

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