The One Question Your Resume Should Answer


The job search is time consuming, but it’s important to take time to craft a memorable cover letter and customize your resume for each respective job.  Most importantly, your resume should show how you’re going to be an asset to the hiring manager.  Your resume should show and answer how you are going to solve […]

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Happily Employed? Keep Looking For A Job


You love your current job and have no plans to leave your cushioned existence of stability. Why would you consider or even care to see what else could be out there? Isn’t that akin to a significant other keeping one foot out of the relationship and swiping right on Tinder every night? Flirting with the possibility of […]

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How My Little Brother Outshined Me


There is nothing quite like growing up to be overshadowed by a younger sibling. For all of you older siblings out there, remember the days when your younger brother or sister looked up to you and thought you were a superhero? Remember when you could still easily pin them down and smash them in tickle […]

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Guide on Difficult Conversations for Those Who Abhor Confrontation


The awkwardness of initiating a potentially uncomfortable conversation can be really…well… uncomfortable. However, it’s important for you to put your tough pants on and have these conversations. In the past, I avoided having these talks, hoping that the situation would resolve itself. Everything was fine! Until it wasn’t. Avoiding these talks can let a situation fester […]

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6 Tips On Becoming A Successful Writer


I started my writing career after “knocking on the doors” of about 40 different newspapers, including countless phone calls, emails and in-person visits. I got hired as a full-time reporter with no publications to my name and only a few months of experience doing editorial and advertising grunt work at a small print publication. Why did I get […]

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Make More Money With These 6 Side Hustles


Great news, you don’t have to go to to supplement your income when you’re hopelessly broke. An alternative way to increase your monetary funds when your bank account is low on dough is by taking up side hustles. They’re a good way to gain an extra stream of income to help with bills and savings, […]

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Adulting: D-I-Y Career Plan


In the early days of post-grad life, I researched extensively on ways to make myself the most employable, desirable candidate. I landed on the blogs of career experts who encouraged me to sign up for the webinars promising me surefire ways to land the job of my dreams. Hooked, I would click to find out […]

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Adulting: Thanksgiving Thank You Cards For Your Professional Contacts


“Adulting” – the column that helps you get by in the real world. It’s a place to commiserate & celebrate the life changes that transpire when one becomes an “adult(ish)”. Dear Readers, Thanksgiving is approaching! It’s almost time to gorge on turkey, stuffing, and go into a five day food coma. But before the feast and […]

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A Guide to Networking for Awkward People


In almost every industry, connections are key in getting your foot in the door of that dream company. As an awkward and introverted person, this seemed to be terrible news for my job search since I dreaded events filled with small talk and the uncertainty of how to keep up with my new professional acquaintances […]

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How Failure Can Help You Succeed


I face “failure” every day as a writer. In the past, If I hadn’t written anything of quality for a long period of time, I felt like an impostor and questioned my right to call myself a writer. It got to the point where I sometimes avoided writing altogether because I created this self-induced pressure that every draft […]

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