4 Keys To Soul Searching


In every person’s lifetime, our hearts have been shattered into tiny bits of nothingness at one point or another. That is nothing out of the ordinary. People tend to crave constant affection from another person, which leads them to inevitable heartbreak after heartbreak. There was a time in my life when heartache was constant. I experienced one […]

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Make More Money With These 6 Side Hustles


Great news, you don’t have to go to SugarDaddy.com to supplement your income when you’re hopelessly broke. An alternative way to increase your monetary funds when your bank account is low on dough is by taking up side hustles. They’re a good way to gain an extra stream of income to help with bills and savings, […]

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How to Get What you Want Without Really Trying


If you are reading this, then there are probably things you want and have been unable to get for some very good reasons. One of those reasons might be that getting things requires effort, sometimes a lot of effort. Sometimes the strain of trying to get said things is so taxing, people go crazy and eat microwave pizza […]

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5 Essential Ways to Get Your Life Back On Track


When we create our giant reach-for-the-stars, skyscraper goals, they excite us. We’re feverish with motivation and feel unstoppable. But then life happens. Work keeps us constantly busy, important life events take place, friends get married (bridesmaid duties are no joke!)… you’re just trying to figure out the churn of everyday life. The toll of trying to […]

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Shy Person’s Guide To Public Speaking

shy baby

I was always the quiet one who sat in silence at meetings and class discussions, afraid to let anyone know my thoughts and opinions. I feared what I had to say was stupid, didn’t add any value to the discussion, or I couldn’t phrase it clearly or powerfully enough. Basically, fear stunted me into silence. But […]

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10 Things I Learned After Filing For Bankruptcy

100_0463 (Small)

I recently filed for bankruptcy and I had a great time! I laughed, I cried, I answered some questions. I paid $1800. I may or may not have lied under oath. But, in the end, I learned a few things… #1. There are several different kinds of bankruptcies. The most common one, called Chapter 7, is for people […]

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The No BS Guide to Cover Letters

Cover Letter

Cover letters: the scourge of the job application process. Writing them can be tedious, frustrating and mind-numbing. Struggling to condense your experience and trying to convince employers to hire you in a short amount of space starts to become overwhelming—especially when applying for multiple jobs. Not to mention–it can feel weird trying to sell yourself. It’s […]

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I’d Think To That: Police Misconduct?

I'd Think To That Police Criticism

The Internet is filled with think pieces from the left and think pieces from the right. Every week, I’ll be offering my unique perspective on the issues of our time. Spoiler alert: I’m correct. So there has been a lot of talk about police behavior in the last few months. Many have pointed out instances […]

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13 Awesome Things To Do During Your Gap Year


Graduation is fast approaching! Six months ago, I was a graduate fretting over what my next step would be. I knew that I wanted to take some time off before going to grad school, but I wasn’t certain about what to do during my break from academia. That time was filled with anxiety, as I was […]

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