DNC’s Just Not That Into You


Bernie’s not a “real Democrat,” says Hillary supporting social media users. Many voters who registered as Democrats within the last year in closed primary states have been forced to use often-uncounted provisional ballots. Party representatives encouraged Ohio voters to vote Republican. Party representatives told Colorado caucus goers they had to rally behind Hillary if they […]

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Fahrenheit 2016


Secrets seldom stay hidden, because their nature, as a form of information, is to be free, open and available to those who seek that knowledge. History shows that those who strive to censor and suppress information might succeed with temporary tyrannical wins, but ultimately lose to the will of humanity to learn, grow and evolve. Both […]

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Nobody Puts Baby in a Box: Take Back The Stereotypes


Stereotype: “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.” – Merriam-Webster Human beings like patterns. We like it when we can predict behavior, and we love it when things fit into neat little boxes in our heads. It’s something most of us share. It makes the […]

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298 Dead And It’s Still About Politics?


Poor Malaysian Airlines. First, a disappearing act. Now, an act of terror by Ukraine? Or Russia?  Who knows? It’s hard to trust anything coming out of their mouths. The Donetsk region in Ukraine has been in the news for months now as the heart of the Ukrainian conflict. The Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down, killing […]

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