Bernie Is Bae: Why Millennials Love Bernie Sanders


A popular new hashtag emerged over the last few weeks on Twitter and Instagram: #BernieIsBae joins #FeelTheBern and #BabesforBernie as one of the many signs that young people, specifically those aged 18-29, are increasingly supportive of Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for presidency. Millennials are flocking in enormous numbers to hear Sanders speak – according […]

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Side Effects of the Modern Romantic


We are a romantic generation of women. No, I don’t mean the literary or artistic movement that ran counter to the Industrial Revolution. I mean the generation of young women who grew up with the romantic comedy. You know what I’m talking about. Everything from The Notebook to How to Lose a Guy in 10 […]

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How My Little Brother Outshined Me


There is nothing quite like growing up to be overshadowed by a younger sibling. For all of you older siblings out there, remember the days when your younger brother or sister looked up to you and thought you were a superhero? Remember when you could still easily pin them down and smash them in tickle […]

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Defining Love In Gen-Y


According to Merriam Webster, the term “love” is defined by “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” or “a score in tennis.” However, I highly doubt our generation would say a definition like that if asked to define love. We are blinded by so much lust, self-absorption, and greed that when we asked […]

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2 Guys Share Their Views on The Dating Scene


Gen-Y is the talk of the town. We have surpassed our own good and built an empire of technology to make our every day lives less complicated than the generation before us. We have mastered technology, but we want more than that, we want our own empire. However, while some may agree, there are others who […]

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