Revolutionize Your To-Do Lists: Creating a Doable To-Do List

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With my heavy workload and busy schedule, I’ve been trying to coordinate a system that works for me. I found that I was neglecting important tasks that I valued (time with friends, reading, writing in my journal) or consistently rushing to complete time-sensitive projects and assignments. It’s not enough, at least for me, to simply […]

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9 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Stuck

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At times, it feels like I’m failing at life and suck at adulthood. After graduation, there were milestones and expectations I wanted to meet, but I entered the real world wide-eyed and blinking at the harsh reality that I was a tiny speck among many, many other graduates who were as just as hungry, enthused, […]

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How to Effectively Work Pinterest Into Your Goal Planning

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 ” A goal without a plan is just a wish.” I am an incurable, incessant Pinner. I love falling into the rabbit hole of DIY projects, pretty printables, and food porn. Pinterest has so many uses and it’s easy to see why you can lose yourself; it’s a place to curate, archive, and of course, […]

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Adulting: D-I-Y Career Plan


In the early days of post-grad life, I researched extensively on ways to make myself the most employable, desirable candidate. I landed on the blogs of career experts who encouraged me to sign up for the webinars promising me surefire ways to land the job of my dreams. Hooked, I would click to find out […]

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