How To Deal With A Job You Hate


Many people had or have a job that they hate. And we all have our reasons why we may stay in a position that we’re not in love with. Maybe you initially loved the position, but it changed into something you’re just not into anymore. Perhaps, you have lofty goals and want to work your way up. […]

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8 Lessons On Success From People Stylewatch Editor-In-Chief Susan Kaufman


Susan Kaufman, editor-in-chief of People Stylewatch, is a talented visionary who oversees the fashion magazine that captures fashion trends and celebrity style. A couple of months ago, I had the wonderful privilege of absorbing her words of wisdom at Her Campus’s National Conference in New York City. She kickstarted the event by giving an energizing speech […]

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3 Ways A “Menial” Job Can Prepare You for Management


There is a huge stigma attached to “menial jobs” post-graduation. I had societal pressures to obtain a glamorous, all-inclusive big girl job right away, but post-grad life was a wake-up call. When I graduated I had a buoyant optimism of finding a job that perfectly merged my passions and experiences. But it’s extremely competitive out there – […]

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