From Rookie to Rockstar: 7 Ways to Stand Out At Work

Employees in the Customer Care Center in a recently renovated part of their building. Employees at energy information firm IHS in Englewood, give their perspective and outlook on their jobs and careers on Friday, Mar. 16, 2012. Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post

Congrats, you’ve landed your first job! You may be filled with excitement and dread, normal feelings as your embark on your journey into the professional world. The first days, weeks, and even months can be a challenge. TheElizabethian can give you tips that will help ease your transition into your new job. Don’t be afraid […]

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6 Tips On Becoming A Successful Writer


I started my writing career after “knocking on the doors” of about 40 different newspapers, including countless phone calls, emails and in-person visits. I got hired as a full-time reporter with no publications to my name and only a few months of experience doing editorial and advertising grunt work at a small print publication. Why did I get […]

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How to Break Up With Your Job (Without Burning Bridges)


Breaking up is hard to do, even when you know it’s right for you to move on. The usual signs of withdrawal that show up at the tail past due relationship are there. Passion and excitement are nonexistent. You find yourself constantly longing for greener pastures. Mentally, you’ve already left. Quitting your job, no matter […]

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Shy Person’s Guide To Public Speaking

shy baby

I was always the quiet one who sat in silence at meetings and class discussions, afraid to let anyone know my thoughts and opinions. I feared what I had to say was stupid, didn’t add any value to the discussion, or I couldn’t phrase it clearly or powerfully enough. Basically, fear stunted me into silence. But […]

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Adulting: Thanksgiving Thank You Cards For Your Professional Contacts


“Adulting” – the column that helps you get by in the real world. It’s a place to commiserate & celebrate the life changes that transpire when one becomes an “adult(ish)”. Dear Readers, Thanksgiving is approaching! It’s almost time to gorge on turkey, stuffing, and go into a five day food coma. But before the feast and […]

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