The One Question Your Resume Should Answer


The job search is time consuming, but it’s important to take time to craft a memorable cover letter and customize your resume for each respective job.  Most importantly, your resume should show how you’re going to be an asset to the hiring manager.  Your resume should show and answer how you are going to solve […]

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Make More Money With These 6 Side Hustles


Great news, you don’t have to go to to supplement your income when you’re hopelessly broke. An alternative way to increase your monetary funds when your bank account is low on dough is by taking up side hustles. They’re a good way to gain an extra stream of income to help with bills and savings, […]

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The No BS Guide to Cover Letters

Cover Letter

Cover letters: the scourge of the job application process. Writing them can be tedious, frustrating and mind-numbing. Struggling to condense your experience and trying to convince employers to hire you in a short amount of space starts to become overwhelming—especially when applying for multiple jobs. Not to mention–it can feel weird trying to sell yourself. It’s […]

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