8 Pros and Cons of Grad School


You don’t know much about me, just what you can glean from my writing. Let me give you the skinny. I graduated with a four-year degree in English and Spanish approximately a year and a half ago. If you know anything about the English degree, you know how flexible it is, and you would safely bet that […]

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Revolutionize Your To-Do Lists: Creating a Doable To-Do List

To Do

With my heavy workload and busy schedule, I’ve been trying to coordinate a system that works for me. I found that I was neglecting important tasks that I valued (time with friends, reading, writing in my journal) or consistently rushing to complete time-sensitive projects and assignments. It’s not enough, at least for me, to simply […]

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9 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Stuck

9 Things To Remember Feature Image

At times, it feels like I’m failing at life and suck at adulthood. After graduation, there were milestones and expectations I wanted to meet, but I entered the real world wide-eyed and blinking at the harsh reality that I was a tiny speck among many, many other graduates who were as just as hungry, enthused, […]

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14 New Year Goals for New Grads

Realistic New Year's resolutions for 2017

Congratulations graduates, you did it! Gone are the days of cramming sessions, finals’ week breakdowns, and overcaffeination! Pat yourself on the back and hang that framed degree on your wall! Your exciting new life is about to begin. This is a time of great change and confusion for many people who are entering the new world, […]

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Take A Break, Have A Laugh: Fall Shows Are Back!


The dog days are over (queue Florence & the Machine) and fall is arriving. As the final days of the sultry days of summer come to end, we leave behind the relaxation and enter the fast-paced busy world of work and productivity. However, as work piles up and stress levels rise for students and professionals alike, […]

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