Adulting: 3 Ways to Overcome Failure


Going after your dreams can be really scary with the possibility of failure looming in the distance. The path to get there can be tricky and difficult but knowing that failure is an intrinsic and normal part of your journey towards your personal success. It’s not a cosmic sign that you’re an epic fail, and […]

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Adulting: Thanksgiving Thank You Cards For Your Professional Contacts


“Adulting” – the column that helps you get by in the real world. It’s a place to commiserate & celebrate the life changes that transpire when one becomes an “adult(ish)”. Dear Readers, Thanksgiving is approaching! It’s almost time to gorge on turkey, stuffing, and go into a five day food coma. But before the feast and […]

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A Guide to Networking for Awkward People


In almost every industry, connections are key in getting your foot in the door of that dream company. As an awkward and introverted person, this seemed to be terrible news for my job search since I dreaded events filled with small talk and the uncertainty of how to keep up with my new professional acquaintances […]

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How One Man Found Happiness Through Meditation


Dan Harris differs from other reporters in his willingness to open up about his emotional setbacks. In his book 10% Happier, Harris provides a humorous, self-deprecating approach to detailing his discovery of a practical solution for taming the voice in his head – the voice he had been struggling with his whole life. What brought his book to […]

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