The Leftovers Recap: Axis Mundi (Is An Episode Title Not Conducive to Puns)


Welcome back to The Leftovers recaps! Season 2 starts off right where season 1 left off. The pregnant cavewoman who we’d been following all last season is just about to give birth when, oh no! There’s an earthquake that blocks off the cave, killing everyone inside!

It’s quite a shock to see all the developed cavepeople characters we spent the whole first season getting to know die all at once like that. And just when we thought anonymous pregnant cavewoman (APC) was home free, the breakout villain of the first season, random snake, comes back to ruin everything. Oh well, at least he gets his comeuppance. APC dies, but her baby is saved by some other cavewoman we’ve never seen before. Then, the camera pans over and some other new characters are swimming in the water APC just died in. Gross!

We learn that we’re in a whole new town called Miracle, separate from the ancient cave town of the first season. Unlike ancient cave town and Mapleton, New York, this new setting is the only place on Earth to have no departures. And they seem to be pretty smug about it, with their carols and church services about how their town is so much better than everywhere else. Also at the church is the return of Reverend The Doctor, who seems to be done struggling with his faith but is still struggling with his accent.

We also meet a whole new Angry Dad named John. He’s so angry at his magical fortune-telling friend that he burns his house down. He’ll probably have all sorts of angry frustration to share with his fellow angry man and new neighbor, Justin Theroux! Yes, in a set up for some sort of post-rapture sitcom, nearly the whole gang from Mapleton has moved in next door. At this rate, I’m just waiting to find out when the badmouth mayor is going to be rolling into town.

John also has a daughter, so we get a new group of mischievous teens. They spend their time swimming and running through the woods naked, presumably because the episode director got a notice from an HBO exec that cavewomen boobs don’t count towards the quota. At the end of the episode, they’re gone, either because they disappeared or fell through one of the quakey holes that keeps shaking up.

So how’s this season looking? So far so good! Lots of interesting questions set up, but it would be nice to get some answers eventually. It feels like there’s probably some hidden connection between Justin Theroux’s family and John’s family. Or maybe they just get into a prank war, like in that Seth Rogen/Zac Efron comedy. I guess we’ll find out next week. Until then, keep those leftovers in the fridge!

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