The Leftovers: Series (?) Finale


You know what? That was pretty good! We didn’t get any definite answers, but my main concern was that they wouldn’t be able to differ it enough from the first, but I think they managed to do that. And who knew they would end on a musical episode?

Kevin knows he won’t be able to explain to John what really happened, but even given that, he does a terrible job. Really, Kevin? Telling John that maybe Evie never really loved him?

Anyway, John gets to find out where Evie is, though not before shooting Kevin through the stomach. Meg leads most of Miracle/Jarden to believe she’s going to blow up the bridge, but apparently that’s just a goof, like the grenade from the last episode.

The actual plan, as anyone who watched the “on the season finale of The Leftovers” trailer could presume, is that the Guilty Remnant has been hiding among the riffraff and they lead the way to storm Jarden. It was pretty devastating watching Evie’s mother try and snap her out of it, though it’s a little tough to take Evie’s concerns seriously. I mean, I can’t imagine how tough it is to have your father go to jail when you’re young and then to find out that your mother is planning to leave your father, but it doesn’t seems worth destroying a town over.

And Mary is back! That was sweet, even if it isn’t exactly apparent why now. Or why all of the earthquakes, for that matter. Is it because of fracking?

Or… was that whole caveperson thing at the beginning supposed to be Eden (hence “Jarden”) and that was why it was protected? There was a snake, at least.

Well, either way, Kevin is back in the hotel, and I just love his incredible frustration with being back there. He seems to be a little more secure now, and decides to take the police officer outfit and must sing a song in order to come back to life.

I feel like there are going to be a lot of people who don’t like this scene, but it genuinely worked for me. Theroux manages to put a lot of emotion into “Homeward Bound” and the scene plays off his sad desperation and exhaustion so well.

It’s a bummer, then, that he wakes up from Limbo to find himself in hell. Jarden looks like Burning Man that got even more out of control than usual. Meg and Evie seem pretty smug at having ruined what was supposed to be the one refuge on Earth.

Though as the ending shows us when Kevin ambles back home to find his family, the only refuge is with those who you love and love you. Awwwww.

So will that be the end? It’s not known yet whether the show will be renewed. On the one hand, I am a little curious to see if they go further along the supernatural Biblical path. On the other hand, that was a pretty good ending. For now, we’ll just let the mystery be!