The Leftovers Recap: A Splatter Of Geography


After an exciting first episode filled with new characters and locations and cavepeople we get… pretty much the same stuff we already saw, just from the Garveys’ perspective.

The episode starts out with a flashback to Nora finding that baby, who I’m pretty sure was the child of cult leader guy who hugs people better and the girl the Garvey son was looking over. I’m not going back to look, cause the rule here at TheElizabethian Leftovers Recaps is: if I don’t remember it, it’s the show’s fault!

Anyway, the Garvey son is back, which is really exciting for everyone who remembered he existed. He’s the one who dropped off the baby and now that he met up with Jill, he’s off to go back to… doing who cares. In the meantime, Kevin decides he’s going to go dig up Patty’s body and get himself caught by the police. We’re introduced to our new favorite character, Officer Eyepatch, with her catchphrase “want to know about this eye patch?” And then we never see her again, probably.

Kevin’s being haunted by Patty, and she keeps appearing to him as some sort of ghost-llucination. Spooky! At one point, she slams his head into a stove, which seems to suggest she’s kind of real, unless Kevin just slammed his own head into the stove, which, to be honest, who hasn’t?

Some MIT people buy Nora’s house for a bunch of money and suggest that the departures may have been tied to geographical locations. The researchers suggest that it’s so granular, that Nora standing across the room made all the difference. They pretty much have to be wrong though, don’t they? Since we know someone disappeared from under Kevin while he was inside of her, so even if him being a foot higher in elevation saved him, wouldn’t his penis have departed? Though I suppose no one else only lost a limb, so maybe everyone is kept whole…except maybe that’s how everyone’s favorite character, Officer Eyepatch lost her eye!

Anyway, the Garveys move to Miracle and have to go through some sort of Airport Security Terminal from Hell (SO ANY AIRPORT SECURITY TERMINAL HA HA HA). It actually felt real in a “sure, I suppose this is what a town where no one disappeared in a world where most towns have people who disappeared would be like” sort of way.

The episode ends where the last episode ended, except now we see Kevin had actually tried to kill himself in the pond. Or… someone else threw him in there? I suppose we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Or maybe we’ll never find out. It certainly seems like that’s always a possibility!

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