The Leftovers Recap: Doorhinge Sticker


Well, that was the kind of episode that makes me wish there were more episodes like this one. Anyway, let’s get started.

The search continues for Evie and for Kevin’s phone. But before that, we see Nora earlier in the night when Evie disappeared. She is understandably concerned and has a sort of meltdown. The best parts of the show are often seeing how these situations would be handled by regular people, and we get another taste of that here. After Kevin and Evie seem to have disappeared, Nora passes out, terrified that another departure has come. Immediately after waking up, she tries to get some information, but she’s having WiFi troubles, so it’s time for a call to 911, as you do whenever your WiFi isn’t working. You could try calling Time Warner Cable, but good luck with that!

Anyway, as I was saying, the search for Evie is on with little luck. Kevin stays late to try and find his phone, which he figures he must have lost in the drained pond from his attempt to drown himself. Patty is still appearing to him, and actually seems to be real, as she manages to help him find said phone. Man, I wish I had a ghost for whenever I lose my phone! She also says she knows what happened to the girls, so it’s nice to have someone with some answers around (not that Kevin wants to hear).

Oh, at some point, Nora meets a blind man at a gas station who knows that she’s had a terrible tragedy in her life, and she also finds out her brother’s wife woke up from her vegetative state for a little while. I like the miracles in this show, as they feel like a modern day Bible story. Biblical miracles were always kind of weird and short lived. Like, God would make the sun stand still one time and then never again, even if it might have been useful.

Anyway, because of the handprint on Evie’s car, John is convinced that Isaac took her in retaliation for burning down his house. He takes Kevin with him to go beat up Isaac, primarily so that the audience would be lead into believing Kevin was in danger when he actually wasn’t. It was very nice of John to help build up suspense like that, and all he gets from it is being shot!

Both John’s son and Patty let us know that the girls have, indeed, departed. It’ll be interesting to see how this town blows up now, and maybe since we have a sassy ghost, we’ll finally be able to find out more about what The Departure actually is. Maybe, but probably not.

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