The Leftovers: A Most Glowerful Fadversary


Talk about going out on a bang! I was worried this episode wouldn’t be able to hold up after last week, but it might have been even better. It was focused and stuff happened!

Nora is gone, and she left Kevin handcuffed to the bed. One thing that makes this episode great is that you have a character, Kevin, with a very definite goal, who spends pretty much the whole episode trying to achieve it. Well, two goals really: getting rid of Patti and, more urgently, the cuff on his wrist.

Michael tells him that he went to his (that is, Michael’s) grandfather the first night he started sleepwalking in town, so it’s back to that trailer. Michael’s grandfather Virgil tells Kevin that he’ll have to die if he wants to fight off Patti, and also that he molested his son. Apparently, Virgil already told all of this to Kevin the last time he came around, which was why he tried to drown himself in the…lake? Pond? Lake seems too big and pond seems too small. Let’s say watering hole.

According to Virgil, the earthquake that drained the lake happened to keep Kevin from trying to kill himself. This goes back to what I’ve said before, about how biblical all the miracles feel. Let’s say some force wanted to stop Kevin from drowning himself, wouldn’t there be a more logical option than draining the whole lake? Well, you’d think there’d be a more logical option to fixing sinners than flooding the world, and you’d think there’d be a better way to get Jews across the sea than splitting it, but biblical miracles rarely seemed to follow the path of least resistance.

Anyway, Patti points out that the “magical black guy” trope is a little racist, which seems to be the writers acknowledging that there have already been three or four magical black guys. It’s kind of fun for them to acknowledge it, but… well, it’s still a thing that is mostly played straight for better or worse.

Laurie comes back and suggests that Kevin isn’t actually seeing Patty, but Kevin seems to not want to hear any of that. He takes up Virgil’s offer and gets to drink some poison. Then, Virgil blows his brains out. Is that so he can help Kevin on the other side or is he actually dead? We’ll have to wait to find out (unless you watched the “next time on,” which telegraphed it pretty clearly).

Oh, and Kevin gave his hand print to John. That can’t end well if Kevin gets resurrected.