The Leftovers: International Assassin


Wow, if the show had been this consistent last season, I would have actually been looking forward to the new season before it started airing. Not that there weren’t good episodes in the first season, but they seemed to alternate it between great and meh.

Now we have one great episode after another. Much to my delightful surprise, The Leftovers didn’t just have Kevin wake up and not remember what he saw or whatever. It seems like they realized they had to hold on to viewers and decided to actually show us interesting stuff instead of alluding to it. Now we begin with Kevin in a hotel room, choosing an outfit from the closet. He later finds out the suit he put on was that of an international assassin. Would things have been different had he chosen something else? Or would that have even been possible? Who knows!

But these are the sort of little mysteries I’m totally fine with, since they actually inspire discussion. After beating some guy who came to deliver flowers, Kevin meets up with Virgil at the concierge desk. Yada yada yada, he saves a little girl from drowning and then Virgil tells him he needs to kill Patty – look, you’ve watched the episode, right? I can’t imagine you’re reading a recap of the eighth episode of the second season of The Leftovers to decide if you might want to try it out.

Therefore, let’s just move on assuming you’ve seen it and knowing you can read a plot synopsis on Wikipedia, if you need. Given that we know John is looking for Kev, he was probably safer dead, though it is a great shot seeing him crawl out of the ground.

What was up with Wayne? Are all the people who Kevin shot in dead world dead-dead now? Like before they were dead-ish and now they’re super dead? Or is there just a more rundown hotel they get sent to?

Also, Virgil is probably gone, since he drank the water, yeah? Why would he do that? Did he figure it was his time? Was he really just super thirsty? Eh, Michael will probably tell us that he wanted to die or something. Maybe he figured his only way to atone was eternity as a concierge, which has to be insulting to concierges, but what can you do?

The whole ordeal with Patty is another example of the right kind of mystery. It seems like there were different aspects of Patty Kevin had to confront, and only by learning about her backstory could she be vanquished. But hey, who knows, that’s what discussion is for! I also enjoyed that in addition to the supernatural challenge this week, we still have the physical confrontation with John. It provides a nice contrast.

And those filling out their “biblical reference Bingo card” should stamp “stuff mentioning wells” and “binding of Isaac parallel.” Anyone have Bible Bingo yet?