The Leftovers: 10-13


Well, there was at least half of a good episode in there, for sure. Like I decided last week, I’m going to assume you’ve seen the episode if you’re reading this, so let’s just get into the borderline aimless rambles.

I still can’t stand Tommy. I think it’s interesting that Laurie has turned into a sort-of pageant mom for him, and even though we didn’t see much of her this season, we do get a picture of her as a distinct sort of unpleasant person in an interesting way.

Meanwhile, Meg is the Joker. She seemed to be one scene away from asking people “do you know how I got these emotional scars?”

Her flashback at the beginning was interesting, I suppose. It felt like the right sort of mysterious, though I am curious what Meg’s mom said, even if not knowing is sort of the point. I get the sense that it was something unprofound like, “I think my repairman is overcharging me” and now Meg is a nihilist.

It is interesting to see how she has created a splinter fraction within the Guilty Remnant. There’s a definite difference between the way that Patty was willing to talk in private and Meg’s complete and total flaunting of the silence rules. Patty seemed to have longer-term concerns about GR as an institution, while Meg just wants to make as big a bang as possible regardless of consequence.

We’ll see what happens with the finale, but I have a level of skepticism about us getting a satisfying conclusion. It’s uncertain whether the show will be renewed, so there’s a chance the next episode will be the last. Personally, now that we’ve been introduced to the full reality of the existence of the supernatural (unless you want to say that whole last episode was just a hallucination Kevin had, which… eh) I’d like to see that factor in to the next episode in some way. I’m a little concerned we’re just going to see the burning of Miracle after Meg rams through the gates or whatever. Sure, there’s something to be said for an ending that would look like the end of last season, but if we just end up back at “some form of the Guilty Remnant shows that no one is actually over the tragedy and humans are inherently unable to cope with uncertainty yada yada yada” I’ll definitely feel a bit let down.

Evie in the trailer was a nice surprise – would it have been better if we were aware of that militia offshoot of the GR and their trailer earlier in the season? – but if it just turns out that this was all because Evie met Meg earlier and felt drawn to the GR and she helped fake a departure so that Miracle could be overran… well that seems to maybe undercut stuff. So then Miracle actually would have Miracles?

I suppose there could be a miraculous thing that happens, which could theoretically tie the supernatural struggles into the physical ones that might be satisfying, but I fear we might end up with a big battle that doesn’t really tell us anything new.

We shall see!