Tomorrowland: A Disney Masterpiece


The amazing power of the human imagination — and its ability to entertain and amaze us — resonates throughout Disney’s new film Tomorrowland. In today’s world, where we are inundated with the inherent troubles of modern life, the film reminds us of the need for adventure and exploration at all ages. As my two children and I approached the movie theater, a man coming out of theater stated that we will really like Tomorrowland, specifically my two young children, and that we should go see it. I had seen the movie trailer and thought “why not?” I figured it could go either way on the interest scale. After watching it, I believe it is truly one of the most amazing Disney films ever made. It’s like a Disney film “rite of passage,” so to speak. It is both an action-driven and dialogue-driven film. From robots trying to take over, to the power of one teenage girl’s optimism saving the world from future disaster, there is never a dull moment in the film.

Since you’re curious enough to keep reading, here’s a non-spoiler description: I call it a modern Wizard of Oz meets Back to the Future, with up-to-date special effects technology. The movie reminds me of that dream, where you’re disappointed upon waking up and realizing that not only was it not real – it was over. George Clooney plays a burned-out “space traveler” and ends up taking the optimistic adventurous type, Casey Newton (played by Britt Robertson), under his wing in the face of a series of disasters. I have found it is, arguably, one of Clooney’s best films. Robertson reportedly went through a battery of auditions over a period of several months before being awarded the role, which is her first starring role in a major-budget Disney film. Also, she found working with Clooney in the film helpful, in terms of how he relates to the younger characters in the film. Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn and Judy Greer also play important supporting roles in the film. Director Brad Bird, along with Jeffrey Chernow and Damon Lindelof, produced the film. Creating such a masterpiece for our enjoyment comes at the high price of hard work and cash, with the reported $190 budget and an actual $180 million to produce. The total box office total is $196 million and as of June 21, Tomorrowland has grossed $87.7 million at the box office in the United States and over $108 million in foreign box offices.

My children and I loved the film, but not everyone agrees with me. The overall theme of optimism and adventure throughout the film provided reason for my captivation with it. Although I mostly heard positive comments coming out of the theater, one woman commented that she did not positively relate to the film or enjoy it, for whatever reason. When some were asked why they didn’t like it, they said the complex plot was too hard to follow, in so many words. To each their own, I suppose. Whether you end up loving or hating the film, Tomorrowland truly is a world beyond.