Uncharted Filmhaüs: Reviewing ‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’


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Me and You and Everyone We Know

Released 2005, US – Writer/Director/Lead Actress Miranda July

Me and You and Everyone We Know is more of a piece of art, a point in time, than one fluid story. Its content, characters and plot lines dance back-and-forth between believable and unlikely. The stories are quiet yet bold. And, purposely or not, what makes this film most unique is that the characters often find themselves in unlikely scenarios with likely endings. To create the unlikely and conclude its path with sudden reason leaves the story off balance and confusing at times. And this is what gives the audience a distinctive experience.

Christine (Miranda July) and Richard (John Hawkes) aren’t necessarily seeking each other, or even someone, as much as they are seeking something. As their lives move forward in multiple directions, other people in their lives seem to engage with one another in concertedly inappropriate and sweet ways. And as Christine and Richard seemingly move their lives closer to one another, the minimal degrees of separation that link their lives are gently revealed in an unnecessary but believable manner. Contrasts like these are what make this film worthy of our time.

As an artist, July (The Future) offers this film to its audience as if it were showing in a small, dark room in the corner of a modern art gallery. This film could be shown in slow motion, and it would become something different. It could be in black-and-white, and it would become something else yet again. Other than the simple smiles and mental applause that you will assuredly have while watching this film, the impact of Me and You and Everyone We Know is not immediate. Like all good art, the characters, plot lines, conversations, and memorable quotes pop-up as our own lives move forward. At some point, we realize exactly what was happening in that random movie we watched on a random afternoon.

So, sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and stretch your legs, your mind and your soul.