What CAN’T You Do With Nutella?


Nutella has been around for decades, pleasing palettes everywhere. Nutella’s hazelnutty goodness was developed in Italy, from which many delicious foods have hailed. It was developed by Pietro Ferrero, the man responsible for Ferrerro Rocher (those addicting hazelnut nutella balls coated in chocolate), so you know it’s legit. Since the creamy, delectable spread surfaced in the United States, it has only grown more and more popular. People are spreading it, blending it, drinking it and all but injecting it into their veins with an IV. Here are some of the things YOU can do with your cocoa-hazelnut best friend:

1. Sandwich it with your other favorite spread – peanut butter!

Peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches are essentially this millenium’s PB&J. We’ll even take the liberty of naming it the PB&N sandwich. Just grab your favorite bread and spread! If you’re feeling especially gourmet, you can add caramel, fluff, banana, or any of your other favorite toppings.

2. Bake it into banana bread.

Nutella banana bread is just as amazing as it sounds. Check out the recipe here – it’s easy to make and even easier to eat.

3. Mix it into your favorite coffee drink.

What could be better than coffee with warmed up Nutella and milk? Talk about hot & steamy… it certainly gets us going in the morning! You can also mix it into your iced coffee with cold milk for some extra oomph.

4. Make ice cream or gelato out of it.

Nutella certainly sells, so why not put it in an internationally popular dessert? We’ve seen ice creams incorporating Nutella from America all the way to Austria! Here’s the simplest recipe, but there are some combinations out there that would blow your mind!

5. Infuse it with marijuana (if you have a prescription).

Yes, this is a real thing. Of course, it’s only meant for people who need marijuana for medical purposes, and this is a way to make it a little tastier. They’re calling it “Nugtella” and mixing Nutella with hash oil for a California medical marijuana dispensary. It can be used in baking to provide a flavorful experience.

6. Coat bacon with it.

As foodies, we have gladly accepted bacon as its own food group. Chocolate-covered bacon has been around for years, so let’s take that one step further and make it Nutella-covered bacon, shall we? A beautiful combination of sweet and savory, bell’alimento provides a recipe that’s finger-lickin’ good.

Happy Nutella. Enjoy responsibly.