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Social Media Intern

TheElizabethian is looking for a sharp, witty intern with a knack and passion for social media. The ideal candidate would be comfortable managing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with the intent of creating captivating social content and engaging with our readers & followers. The social media intern would be responsible for planning and scheduling all postings to TheElizabethian’s social platforms, as well as collaborating with other contacts to increase promotion.


TheElizabethian is looking for talented writers who are passionate, creative, and motivated to constantly be thinking out of the box. It is driven by writers who want to expand their portfolios, explore their interests, and get their written word out there. Thinking of your own pitches drives creativity and we are all about providing our authors with a voice. All writers are expected to meet set deadlines and keep a consistent writing schedule.

In addition, please include 1-2 writing samples related to the topic you’d prefer to write about. If you don’t see the topic you’d like to write about, we want to hear your ideas anyway!


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